Press Cards

NMA press cards are formally recognised by all police forces in the UK, by the Ministry of Justice, and de facto by other public bodies. 

They are issued to professional newsgatherers working within the UK and are intended for use within the UK only. 

How to apply

To apply for a press card please email for an application form to be filled out and request a digital headshot photograph (JPEG) from you. Please note we only accept digital applications and photos. Cards will be sent off for processing once payment has been received, or invoices have been issued.

All processed cards will be sent to the editorial/management representative elected to deal with press cards for the company. They will only be sent to the individual’s personal address if requested. Please note we are unable to post to addresses outside of the UK.

Things to remember when applying for a card:

  • Applicants must supply a scanned copy of their passport or driving license.
  • Applicants should not hold any other press card.
  • Please ensure that the application form is signed by the applicant and an editor or senior manager.
  • If any of these requirements are not adhered to the NMA may be unable to process the application, or there may be a delay in supplying the card.
  • Applicants can expect to receive their cards approximately two weeks after receipt of payment. In the event that a card is required urgently this should be specified. A 48-hour ‘turn around’ period is the minimum time possible but this cannot be guaranteed. Please note that there is an additional charge for this service.
  • A card is issued on the basis that it can be withdrawn if the NMA considers that the card holder has become ineligible or has used the card in a way likely to bring it into disrepute through misrepresentation or dishonesty.


The cost for a press card is £38.00 (inc VAT) for those working for NMA members and £73.00 (inc VAT) for those working for national and regional papers which are non-members. The method of payment is by BACs. 

Freelance Applications

Applications from freelancers will only be accepted if the application form is accompanied by an email from an editor or managing director of a national or regional newspaper, certifying that the applicant produces work for them on a regular basis and meets the agreed criteria for the press card.

Press Card Renewal

Please email with details of any cards that need renewing, specifying the card number and whether any details need updating. Cards will be sent off for processing once payment has been received.

Lost Press Cards

Companies should alert the NMA as soon as possible of cards which have been lost or stolen. Replacement cards will only be produced once payment has been received.

Change of Details

Requests for amendments to details – eg, job title, surname, photograph – should be made by the card-holder in writing. Cards will only be produced once payment has been received.

When an employee in possession of a press card issued by the NMA leaves a newspaper, the NMA should be alerted as soon as possible for cancellation. It is the responsibility of the editor to ensure that staffs relinquish their press cards.