News UK to Investigate How Ad Spend Allocated Across Media

News UK has partnered with Standard Media Index (SMI), to use their tool which aggregates real advertising expenditure directly from the booking systems of the world’s leading media agencies.

The SMI system collects agency ad spend from the booking systems of five of the six global media holding groups, as well as leading independents, reported The Drum.

Dominic Carter, commercial director of News UK, said: “SMI’s data gives us real world market insight which we are confident will help focus our sales teams in driving sector growth.

“With changes in the media ecosystem happening faster than ever, it will enable us to anticipate changes before they happen, identify threats and leverage opportunities in a very opaque market.” 

SMI will deliver real spend data to News UK each month, enabling the publisher to track how ad money is spent across all media.

James Fennessy, SMI’s chief commercial officer said he was confident that the data would help News UK “grow share and enable them to react faster to changes in an increasingly dynamic market”.