NMC: Pressure Growing on Illegal Sports Content

Sports competition organisers and rights holders are becoming increasingly vocal in their opposition to the spread of short sequences of games, particularly goals, uploaded to social media networks, the News Media Coalition has said this week.

 A particular issue is the Vine application capturing six seconds of video and posted to Twitter, which owns Vine.  Last month, Sun editor David Dinsmore, urged Twitter to emulate YouTube in taking action against illegal content and reminded the social media company that some app-based offerings have disappeared due to sanctions.

“Vine is an issue but I think that there are big steps forward being taken. A lot of the sort of app-based offerings [of illegal content] that were out there 18 months ago are no longer here because they have been sanctioned. It is a battle we all have to deal with,” Mr Dinsmore said.

The News Media Association is a member of the NMC which is an international organisation focused upon combating threats to legitimate editorial, press and publishing freedoms placed on news-gathering by the organisers of major sports events.