Featurelink Campaign Drives Online Engagement for Right to Buy

A campaign in Featurelink promoting the right to buy initiative  to council and housing association tenants  across the UK drove high levels of online engagement, a case study has found.  

In September last year, the advertising and editorial campaign ran through Local Media Works native content service provided readers with more information about the scheme and encouraged them to visit a website.

On average, visitors stayed on the website for six minutes and visited seven pages with the vast majority of users using a mobile to access the site, website figures show. Details can be found in the new case studies section of the LMW website.

Michaela Capanna, communities department marketing manager, said: “Local press advertising is a trusted source of information amongst council and housing association tenants so an excellent route for the Right to Buy campaign.

“It provides the perfect opportunity for us to get closer to this audience and give them the information they need to make an informed decision about whether home ownership is the right choice for them.”

Due to run next month, a second wave of right to buy activity has been booked on the back of the results.