Local World Launches National Website for Quirky Content

Local World las launched www.quirker.co.uk – a new website aimed at a young social audience celebrating the best of real life eccentric content.

The site takes the weirdest and most wonderful stories already produced across Local World’s network of more than 70 websites in the UK and repurposes them for a new, national, audience.

It is the first national content website launched by Local World and is part of a broader strategy to innovate for a digital, social audience, the publisher said.

Quirky stories already published locally are selected by a small national team, based in Local World’s Kensington HQ, and re-edited to target a social audience – then published directly to the site, with links back to the originating article.

Steve Anglesey, Local World digital content director, said: “Quirker is a terrific home for the most eccentric, funny, Man-Bites-Dog, weird and real life stories we produce as a group every day. This platform gives us an opportunity to really capitalise on the virality of this content, reworked in style and format for a young, mobile audience.”

Matt Kelly, Local World group digital director, said: “Quirker is just one strand of our strategy to grow in relevance to a digital audience. There is no more enticing, or commercially exciting, opportunity in digital today than reimagining the power of local content. Watch this space.”