NMA Champions Press Access Through Royal Rota Service

The News Media Association’s royal rota service for members helps local and national member publishers to access and cover high profile royal events across the UK such as the birth of Princess Charlotte earlier this year.  

The NMA manages access for national and regional press titles to an average of more than two rotas – engagements with members of the royal family or senior politicians –  each day as well as representing the industry in planning and delivery of big media events such as the Diamond Jubilee and Olympic Games.

Working with photographic agencies and freelance photographers, the system enables national and regional titles to access pooled pictures from the events.

Earlier this year, the NMA played a key role working with multiple stakeholders in representing the interests of members for the birth of Princess Charlotte.

Prior to the birth, the NMA worked with the Royal Communications team, NMA member photographers and the at St Mary’s Hospital press team on preparations for coverage of the moment the Duke and Duchess Cambridge emerged from the hospital with the newborn Princess Charlotte.

The NMA worked to ensure that national and local member publishers were granted key positions for photographing events.

Following the St Mary’s hospital shoot, the NMA worked with the Royal Parks to ensure that members were able to access to photograph the traditional easel displayed outside of Buckingham Palace.

Newspapers covering the event experienced rises both in print circulation and web traffic.