News Media ‘Deplores Restrictive Media Rules’ for Notting Hill Carnival

News organisations, whose coverage of the Notting Hill Carnival over many years has contributed to worldwide recognition of the event, have deplored restrictive media rules for this year’s parade. 

Despite the valuable publicising and promotional effect of news photography and carnival reports from independent journalists, organisers this year have sought to introduce charges for press access, the News Media Coalition has said.

Carnival organisers have also demanded that accredited media hand over material in addition to paying the £100 charge.

The NMC, which represents the interests of major UK publishers and national and international news and photographic agencies, has written to the carnival organisers objecting to the rules, seeking dialogue and also withdrawal of the fee for managed news access.

Andrew Moger, NMC executive director, said: “We strongly urge carnival organisers to rethink this policy, which can only serve to reduce interest. The success of the carnival as one of the most colourful cultural spectacles has come about through press and carnival and arenas working together.

“Unilaterally imposing new arrangements, costs and controls is not the way forward.”