Royal Rota: NMA Handles 1,000 Passes in 2015

The News Media Association has handled nearly 1,000 passes for member local and national news media publishers covering royal events this year as part of its media facilities service. 

The NMA’s media facilities service, which also includes issuing press cards to reporters and photographers, is part of its mission to promote better access for news media publishers and safeguard press freedoms. 

The royal rota system helps newspapers in NMA membership access pictures and copy from high profile royal events across the UK. Due to space and security restrictions, it is rarely possible to allow all media who wish to cover a royal engagement equal access to the event. The rota system was introduced to ensure fair access to the events and distribution of the material.

Baylis Media Ltd - Queen (Easter) - Rota Photo

The NMA is one of the few media organisations that works with Royal Communications and Government departments to organise the cover, allocating passes to our members.

The NMA has handled 945 passes so far this year for 595 events and worked with organisers of high profile events such as the announcement of the birth of Princess Charlotte in May and the State Visit of China in October to ensure the best possible access for member local, regional and national newspapers. The NMA also represents the industry in the detailed planning processes for other high profile events.

The NMA has recently updated the royal rota section of its website to include the latest pictures from royal rota events.

Newbury Weekly News - Duchess of Cambridge1a

The NMA have also started to regularly tweet rota coverage of royal events from @newsmediaorg using the hashtag #RoyalRota, to help promote member coverage of these important events.

The royal rota section also includes include links to all the royal diaries, where details of royal engagements are published up to eight weeks in advance, the royal rota application form, and a comprehensive briefing about the system.

The NMA is one of the UK Press Card Authority gatekeepers and issues press cards to journalists, photographers and freelance newsgatherers working for the national or regional press. The NMA works with other gatekeepers to ensure that the press card system remains effective and fit for purpose.

So far this year, the NMA has issued 1508 press cards to national, regional and local newspaper journalists. NMA press cards are formally recognised by all police forces in the UK, by the Ministry of Justice, and de facto by other public bodies. They are issued to professional newsgatherers working within the UK.