Local Talking Newspapers for Blind and Partially Sighted People

Local Talking Newspapers are looking to work and establish a close relationship with local newspaper publishers to meet the high demand for local news content in audio.

They seek to address issues such as access to online content, a shortage of volunteers, acquiring cost effective or free premises and the issue of identifying new blind and partially sighted listeners.

Local editors can help by promoting the local TN service in their newspaper to relatives and potential listeners, assist in recruiting volunteers and if applicable, provide free access to their online content for transcription into audio.

Local TNs were established in the 1960s to enable blind people to receive local news in audio.

The Talking Newspaper Federation is the umbrella organisation which represents over 450 local Talking Newspapers which are made up of volunteers who read, record and distribute audio recordings of local newspaper content to listeners  

It is also looking to recruit a voluntary press officer trustee to implement innovative PR and communications campaigns and generate positive coverage for TNF and local TNs. 

For more information please contact guidelines@tnf.org.uk.