David Chavern Outlines NAA’s ‘Very Aggressive Stance’ Against Ad Blockers

Newspaper Association of America president and chief executive David Chavern has said the newspaper industry must continue to develop its digital offering to produce engaging digital advertising which consumers want.

In a column on ad blocking, Mr Chavern outlined the “very aggressive stance” the NAA is taking, which has led to the organisation filing a complaint and request for investigation with the Federal Trade Commission, asking that they look into the business practices of leading ad blockers.

“Allowing consumers to bypass our advertisers and access quality news content for free has dangerous implications for our democracy,” Mr Chavern writes, before going to add that the industry also needed to ensure that it was creating engaging digital advertising that consumers want.

Mr Chavern continues: “I believe that news media companies have the unique skills and perspectives needed to create strong and effective advertising. We understand what constitutes a story – and what doesn’t. We know how to create content that captivates, engages and tells the consumer what they really need to know.

“The industry is realizing that to succeed, advertising must resonate with the consumer and their needs. News media have the opportunity to lead this evolution, because we already understand how to engage audiences and provide the valuable information.”