Mail Brands UK Strikes First Data Only Deal With Infectious Media

Mail Brands UK has agreed a data-only deal with specialist programmatic agency Infectious Media, underlining the quality and scale of MailOnline’s first party data.

The deal, the first of its kind for Mail Brands UK, allows Infectious Media’s clients to access reliable, detailed information on a range of highly specific segments from MailOnline’s huge audience.

By collecting and segmenting its own website and app data, MailOnline can offer clients a high level of transparency and guarantee that its information is both accurate and fully cleared for adherence to privacy regulations, Mail Brands UK said.

Until now, this data was available only alongside a purchase of inventory but this deal means that MailOnline’s data management platform can pass the information to Infectious Media’s programmatic operating system, impression desk, where it can be used to buy across any media to enhance the performance of campaigns.

Mail Brands UK general manager, programmatic, Hannah Buitekant said: “Clients and agencies are looking for the highest quality audience information in market. With over 66 million UK visitors every month, MailOnline has the insight and scale to deliver rich and accurate data on the people agencies and clients want to reach and provide the context that helps them to build effective campaigns and drive return on investment.”