Ian MacGregor To Become Society of Editors President

Ian MacGregor, weekend editor of the Daily Telegraph, is set to become the next president of the Society of Editors. He has been nominated by a unanimous vote of the Society’s board of directors.

Subject to final approval at the Society’s AGM during the annual conference in Carlisle in October, Mr MacGregor will take up the role in the autumn. He holds the position of vice president in the interim.

Mr MacGregor has previously worked for the Southern Evening Echo, South West News Service, the Press Association, Daily Express and Daily Mail. He was launch editor of the Metro, editor of the Scottish Daily Mail, and deputy editor of the Evening Standard.

He moved to the Telegraph group in 2007 and has been deputy editor of the Daily Telegraph, editor of the Sunday Telegraph, and Weekend Editor. He will take over as president from Nick Turner, digital strategy manager of the CN Group.

Mr MacGregor said: “I am a passionate believer in the importance of journalism in a democracy, and the Society of Editors is leading the fight for a free media.”

Bob Satchwell, Society of Editors executive director, said: “Ian has huge experience and an impressive track record. In his new role he will add extra weight to the Society’s voice battling for freedom for all sectors of the media and the public’s right to know.”

The Society of Editors will travel to Carlisle for this year’s annual conference in October with an agenda clearly focused on the resilience and skill of the best of British media, providing opportunities for debate, interaction and a chance to explore the very best use of digital news platforms in a constantly evolving news market.

The conference, the major annual gathering of editors and senior figures from all sectors of the media is guaranteed to make headlines with its keynote speakers and debates on the major issues facing twenty-first century journalism.