NMA Issues 1,000 Press Cards in H1 2016

The News Media Association has issued nearly 1,000 press cards to journalists, photographers and freelance newsgatherers in the first half of the year.

The NMA is one of the UK Press Card Authority gatekeepers and issues press cards to journalists and photographers working for the national or regional press.

The press cards are formally recognised by all police forces in the UK, by the Ministry of Justice, and by other public bodies.

THE NMA issues press cards as part of the its media facilities service for member publishers which also includes the Royal Rota scheme enabling national and regional titles to access pooled pictures from high profile royal and political events across the UK.

The NMA represents the interests of its member publishers in the planning stages of high profile media events such as the general election or Royal birth, organising photographer positions working to facilitate access for photographers in other key areas.