Press Photography Exhibition to Open Next Week

An exhibition of the very best of British press photography over the last 12 months is to open next week.

The British Press Photographers’ Association exhibition, Assignments 2016, will be displayed as part of the London Photoblock exhibition this month at the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, London.

This is the UK’s biggest exhibition of press photography will include news, features and sports pictures from some of the best photographers working in the UK today.

BPPA chairman Chris Eades said “Thousands of words are written or spoken about the news each day – but it is still photography that has the power to really bring events home to you. If you think of any significant event in recent history it will be the photograph you remember.

“British press photography is some of the best in the world and we are really pleased to be able to host this exhibition where the public will get a chance to see how powerful a good press photograph can be.”

The show is jointly funded by the BPPA and Fixation and will run from 14 to 17 of October.