Prince of Wales: Sir Ray Tindle is a Media Legend

The Prince of Wales has described Sir Ray Tindle as a legend and a brilliant media businessman in a letter congratulating him on his 90th birthday.  

“There are very few people of which it can be genuinely said they are a legend in their own life-time. There is, however, no doubt that Sir Ray Tindle falls into that very ‘exclusive category,’” the Prince of Wales writes in a personal letter to Sir Ray.  

In a speech at a lunch today for Sir Ray attended by past News Media Association presidents and chairmen, NMA chairman Ashley Highfield read extracts from the letter before  presenting it to Sir Ray.

“Sir Ray’s wisdom, kindness, integrity and business acumen mark him out as one of the great media men of his generation,” the Prince of Wales writes.  “Over the years, I have been invited to visit a number of his papers to celebrate various events in their history and these occasions have always been a joy. Sir Ray clearly takes great pride in the achievements of his teams and the difference that his papers make to their readership – and it is only too apparent that the feeling is entirely mutual.

“There is, however, much more to Sir Ray than a brilliant media businessman. His commitment to those who serve in the Armed Forces has been unstinting, founded on his own experiences serving with the Devonshires in the Far East during the Second World War.

“His concern for the unemployed in the 1980’s resulted in a hugely important initiative to give young entrepreneurs free business premises – an idea way ahead of its time. More recently, he has given utterly invaluable support to my Countryside Fund which has, at its heart, my own determination to ensure our precious countryside – and the all-important rural communities associated with it — have a secure future.

“I could not have found a better advocate or a more generous ally than Sir Ray. He has such a deep understanding of the importance of strong local communities to our national life and the role that agriculture plays in so many of the areas served by his newspapers.”

“Sir Ray’s wisdom, kindness, integrity and business acumen mark him out as one of the great media men of his generation. Nothing could give me greater pleasure than to join with all of you today in wishing him the happiest of birthdays and to offer him my heartfelt congratulations on ninety extraordinary years.”