NMA Facilitates Media Access to Keith Palmer Funeral

The News Media Association worked with authorities to ensure news media were able to cover the funeral of PC Keith Palmer, who was killed in the Westminster terror attack, and report on the event on behalf of the public.

Tens of thousands of people, including 5,000 police officers, lined the streets of London for the funeral which took place at Southwark Cathedral on Monday.

Working with the Metropolitan Police and the Palace of Westminster the NMA ensured that member news media were able to report on the event on behalf of their readers.  

The NMA operates a media facilities service for its members in which it works with institutions such as the Royal Households and Number 10 Downing Street to ensure the best possible access for national, regional and local press for key events across the UK.

In 2016 the NMA facilitated access to over 600 royal and political rotas with 850 photographic positions available. These included the many one-off events surrounding the Queen’s 90th birthday such as The Patron’s Lunch and her celebrations at Windsor Castle.

The NMA also facilitated many regular or annual events such as Investitures, The Order of Garter, Wimbledon and official state visits as well as the hundreds of engagements that members of the Royal family undertake each year.  In total 88 news media organisations covered a rota facilitated by the NMA including 70 local and regional newspapers in 2016.

A selection of the best royal photography by local, regional and national news media, selected as part of the NMA’s Royal Rota photography competition to find the best royal photography the industry can be seen in the Royal Rota in Action showcase. 

(Image courtesy of Paul Grover, The Daily Telegraph)