Specsavers Runs Largest Ever Featurelink For Easter Weekend

Specsavers is running the largest ever Featurelink campaign in recent years to promote its super clean lenses ahead of the Easter weekend. 

The Specsavers ad  is running in 400 daily and weekly local newspaper titles across the UK – one of the largest ever campaigns to run in Local Media Works’ Featurelink service – today. 

Also running in Featurelink today is a Dobbies ad encouraging people to visit the garden centre is running in local press titles in Scotland.  

Featurelink allows advertisers to target local communities with a powerful combination of local press advertising and native content.

It is heavily used by national brands and Government departments who want to tap into local media’s unique connection with local communities.

For more information please contact Justin Fenton at justin@localmediauk.org or 0207 963 7200.

Specsavers SuperClean Ad