Newspaper Conference Hosts Paul Nuttall

UKIP leader Paul Nuttall has spoken at a Newspaper Conference lunch event at which he saluted the local newspaper industry and said that local papers are good for democracy.

Mr Nuttall was speaking at a Newspaper Conference event last week at which he was quizzed by regional press political editors and lobby correspondents representing titles including the Birmingham Mail, The Scotsman and the Evening Standard.

It was the first event to be chaired by the Yorkshire Post’s Kate Langston who was recently elected chair at the Conference’s annual general meeting.

Speaking at the event, Mr Nuttall praised local papers, saying that they were very highly trusted, and urging them to engage with UKIP candidates.  

He added: “I know that you provide vital information for local people whether that’s big local newspapers like the Birmingham Mail, but even right down to the local bugles as well.

“I think you guys do a fantastic job and you’re not only good for your local communities but you’re good for democracy as well, and I salute the work that you do.”

The News Media Association supports the Conference and provides a secretariat for it.