Facebook Runs Fake News Ad in Local Press Titles

Facebook has run a full page ad in local press this week with tips for readers on how to spot fake news. 

The ad, which follows a similar ad in national newspapers earlier this month, ran in local press titles across the UK yesterday and in some weekly titles today. 

The booking follows the local press industry’s Fighting Fake News campaign which highlights the importance of highly trusted local journalism created by news media publishers. 

Coordinated by Local Media Works, the campaign was backed by Prime Minister Theresa May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

It included a Trusted News Day which saw newsrooms across the UK open up to readers to show how trusted news is produced.  

In a piece for Campaign during Fighting Fake News, LMW chairman Craig Nayman wrote about the highly trusted environment offered to advertisers by local news media. 

“In uncertain times, news media journalism is needed more than ever to separate fact from fiction and give audiences the facts. 

“It is essential for advertisers to understand that local news brands offer a clear alternative to the opacity and uncertainty of blind programmatic buying of digital.

“Using local newsbrands means an advertiser will know exactly when and where their brand will appear, and that the message will drive consumer action.

“As an industry, we have always believed in transparency, trust and value, and our readers and customers expect nothing less from us.”