NMA Updates Power of News Showcase

The News Media Association has updated its Power of News showcase highlighting recent examples of national and regional newspapers’ agenda- setting investigations, campaigns and scoops.

The latest examples include The Times’ investigation into major advertisers unknowingly funding extremist websites via blind programmatic advertising and the Glasgow Herald’s six year campaign -Opt for Life – which saw Scottish law change to implement an opt-out system for organ donation.

The news media industry is the leading investor in producing original news content such as investigations and campaigns- 58 per cent of all news investments in the UK comes from newsbrands.

Local, regional and national newspapers play an essential role in civic life acting as the public’s watchdog. By scrutinising and holding power to account on behalf of their readers through investigations and campaigns, newspapers help to underpin the democratic process.

Other showcased examples include the Evening Standard’s fundraising for families affected by the Grenfell Tower and the Guardian’s exclusive stories around alleged child abuse at all levels across British football.

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