Osborne:  Newspapers Are ‘Entertaining, Colourful And Clever’ All In One Device

George Osborne has said that he is optimistic about the future of newspapers because of the increased “thirst for news” and he hopes to be editor of the Evening Standard “for many years to come.”

In a wide-ranging interview with Campaign head of media Gideon Spanier, former Chancellor said that he had chosen to go into newspapers because he was optimistic about their future.

“I had many choices about what I could do after government,” he said.  “I chose to go into newspapers. It was my idea. I think they have a real opportunity when there’s this thirst for news.”

He added: “Editing a newspaper is a completely brilliant opportunity for me and I’ve found it great. If anything, it’s been more fun than I thought it would be – more fun and more interesting,”

“A cartoon sums up what you can do with a newspaper,” he added. “It’s been around for 200, 300 years, it adds to the political coverage and, at the same time, it’s entertaining and colourful and clever – all in one device, it does all those things. At its best, that’s what a newspaper does.”

Campaign reported that Mr Osborne has hosted drinks and attended dinners for media agencies and given off-the-record interviews in front of clients.  “I think it’s part of my role as editor to help sell the paper to advertisers,” Mr Osborne added.

Speaking about the industry’s relationship with the tech platforms, Mr Osborne said that Google and Facebook “will find themselves drawn into many of the legal and regulatory restraints that sit around newspapers.”