Newspapers Celebrate Women’s Vote Centenary

Newspapers across the UK celebrated the 100 year anniversary on Tuesday of women securing the right to vote. Coverage included celebrating women’s successes and achievements, and remembering suffrage movement efforts and initiatives from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 

Votes for Women FP

Many papers reported that posthumous pardons for suffragettes was being considered by Home Secretary Amber Rudd to mark the centenary of women getting the vote. 

The Lancashire Post called for local suffragette Edith Rigby to receive a statue for all her social reform efforts, which included founding a school to allow girls to continue education over the age of 11, joining the Pankhurst sisters’ hunger strikes, and protesting at a 1909 Preston meeting addressed by Winston Churchill.

The Coventry Telegraph featured an article by the actress Emma Thompson which called for readers to nominate unsung local women who have done extraordinary things to become part of the Amnesty International Suffragette Spirit Map of Britain.

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Images courtesy of NLA Media Access.