Specsavers’ Featurelink Runs In 400 Local Media Titles

Specsavers is running a Featurelink, the Local Media Works’ native content and advertising service for national advertisers, to promote its hearing tests.

The ad, which is running next to native content explaining how hearing can deteriorate, is running in 400 daily and weekly local news brands this week.

The copy for the advertorial was turned around by Local Media Works in less than 24 hours. 

Featurelink is widely used by Government departments and national brands such as Specsavers looking to connect with audiences through highly trusted local media.

The service allows brands to pair powerful local media advertising with native content, connecting national advertisers with local media in a highly trusted and brand safe environment. 

Local Media Works head of marketing Justin Fenton said: “Local media is highly trusted and completely free of the risks to brand safety associated with the big online platforms.

“Now if the time for national advertisers to engage with local media and Featurelink offers the perfect opportunity for them to create powerful and effective campaigns which will drive consumer action.”