NMA Seeks Assurances Over Post-Brexit Supply of Newsprint

The News Media Association is seeking assurances that the supply of newsprint into the UK which is vital for the production of national and local newspapers will not be disrupted after the UK leaves the European Union.

In a letter to BEIS, legal, policy and regulatory affairs director Santha Rasaiah pointed out the industry depends upon the import of newsprint for around half of its total supplies, the majority from the EU/EFTA states.  

Santha said: “The unimpeded supply of newsprint necessary for production of daily, weekly and Sunday newspapers is clearly crucial to the entire industry.

“The NMA would therefore welcome assurances that the government is taking steps to ensure that there will be no impediment post- Brexit  to the supply of newsprint, newspaper publication and dissemination of news.  

“We would appreciate the opportunity to meet and discuss this in more detail. I would be happy to liaise on any suitable dates and times.”