Fernando De Yarza Elected WAN-IFRA President

Fernando de Yarza López-Madrazo, president of Henneo in Spain, was elected WAN-IFRA president at the World News Media Congress Congress in Glasgow this weekend.

Mr De Yarza has held management positions at Telefónica-Terra, where he was in charge of content purchasing, and was director general of Dasa-Logística Editorial. He is also president of News Media Europe, chairman of Taller lenride Editores, SA, and vice-president Asociacón de Medios de Información.

Forming the new executive board of WAN-IFRA for the next two years, Mr De Yarza succeeds Michael Golden, who held the position of president of WAN-IFRA since 2017. 

Mr De Yarza said: “I would like to dedicate my election to all the journalists and publishers who are under threat around the world, and to my grand-mother who commemorated a month ago the assassination of her father, killed, 80 years ago on the steps of his newspaper, defending press freedom.

“She was then just 24 years old and had to lead the newspaper under the dictatorship, helping to bring democracy back to Spain with many other brave journalists in the country. I would like to dedicate this to her and to all the women journalists who defend press freedom around the world.”