Government And ICO Publish Advice On Brexit

The Government has updated its Get ready for Brexit site in preparation for the UK’s departure from the European Union, including a checker tool for businesses and organisations and a section to help with import, export, settlement, travel

The ICO has a dedicated advice section on its website for business and the Advertising Association has published notes on data protection, the EU settlement scheme, and on EU, EEA and Swiss citizens staying for more than three months

The Government has also set up a UK wide fund for business representative organisations, trade associations and chartered organisations to help support Brexit preparedness. 

Applications for grants will be accepted up to 30 September and administered through a dedicated website through shortly. There is a minimum bid amount of £25,000. There is no upper limit to the bid amount, but applications above £200,000 will attract further scrutiny.

The £10 million could be extended and the contact email for enquiries about the application process is

Broadly the bids should be focused on preparing businesses for 31 October, likely to be no deal focused but may be broader, and should aim to be delivered by that date. 

The deliverability of proposals will be key and should be additional to activity which is already planned or will be achieved with other Government funding. It should not involve the direct transference of money to businesses, for example the bids cannot involve just passing money to each member.