Power Of Local News Media Campaigning To Be Highlighted  

Behind Local News has launched a project to map local media’s Christmas campaigns in order to demonstrate the local news sector’s ability to galvanise support for those in need in the communities.

The website is calling on local news publications to submit details of their campaigns planned for the festive season which will then be plotted on a map to show the scale of local media’s campaigning power.

Behind Local News said: “Many newsrooms are already planning for the most wonderful time of the year but we know across the cities, towns and counties covered by regional and local titles it is a time of hardship for some of the most disadvantaged in society.

“Local media has played a key part in harnessing the willingness to help of our readers to make an impact at Christmas time.

“This year, Behind Local News is hoping to show the breadth and generosity of how regional newspapers and websites help those within the communities they serve.”

The News Media Association and Local Media Works have highlighted the power of newspaper campaigning through initiatives such as Making a Difference and the Power of News showcase of powerful campaigns.   

Details of campaigns can be submitted here.