NMA Welcomes ICO Assurances On News Media And Age Appropriate Design Code

Responding to the publication of the ‘Age appropriate design: a code of practice for online services’ and the accompanying FAQs by the ICO this morning, the News Media Association said: “We welcome the fact that the code makes clear that publishers which adhere to codes such as the Editors’ Code of Practice will negate the need for providers of online news to take any additional steps in relation to news content for children.

“There was a real risk that these proposals could have wreaked havoc on the industry by forcing news media websites – which present no danger to children – to take drastic steps which would have severely impacted upon their ability to retain and grow audiences.

“We are also pleased that the ICO has recognised the vital role the news media industry plays in our society and welcome the opportunity to work with the regulator going forward to ensure that these measures do not unintentionally impact upon press freedom.”   

 The FAQs accompanying the code state: “These FAQs have been developed for the news media, to help ensure the Code has proportionate implementation. They were drawn up in response to issues raised during the consultation period of the Code with input from the News Media Association.

“The FAQs are intended to provide clear advice on issues that would benefit from specific clarification. The FAQs may be revised to ensure that remains the case and the Commissioner will consult with the News Media Association over any such changes.”