Clarke: Coronavirus Pandemic ‘Biggest Story Of My Life’

Publisher of Mail Online Martin Clarke has described the coronavirus pandemic as “the biggest story of my life” and that it will define the careers of journalists who work on covering it over the coming months.

Reporting an email sent by Mr Clarke to staff, Press Gazette said that traffic to the Mail Online home pages was up by almost 50 per cent in every country.

Mr Clarke said: “I don’t remotely say that to be boastful but to underline to you how important the work you do is to the millions of people around the world who seek out our home pages, apps and TV show every day.

“They trust you to tell them what they need to know. They rely on it.

“They will also want you to keep them entertained, cheered up and, yes, distracted.”

He added: “With countries and communities facing months of isolation our role as a global news provider in keeping the world connected and informed will become more important than ever.

“Equally, our readers will expect us to scrutinise and hold our political leaders to account at a time when their decisions are literally a matter of life and death for millions.”

Addressing the concerns many staff will have about their financial future, he said: “The economic effects of this pandemic will long outlast the physical effects of the virus which, sooner or later, science will conquer.

“But I am determined that we will not be one of the casualties. In the meantime the company will do everything it can to keep you safe and your jobs safe.”