JPIMedia Titles Celebrate Health Heroes

JPIMedia titles have joined forces to celebrate local NHS heroes today as well as other vital key roles from carers and shop workers to refuse collectors and bus drivers as they play their part in a campaign involving more than 100 titles.

The #healthheroes campaign has been timed for today as it is on Thursdays at 8pm that millions stand on their doorsteps to applaud health workers leading the nation’s fight against coronavirus.

Jeremy Clifford, editor-in-chief, said: “We have heard so many great stories of key workers who are continuing to work that we wanted to pay tribute to these in a big statement across our portfolio of products.

“As a result of an appeal to readers, we have been inundated with photos and messages. We hope that by putting them on our home pages and front pages, we are playing our small part in thanking those workers.

“Our readers have spoken of their pride in the NHS; they have shared photos of those on whom we have rarely depended more and they have shared their heartfelt messages of appreciation to those who are making the ultimate sacrifice to keep our nation safe and healthy.

“For JPIMedia’s titles it is an opportunity to join together as a collective force to celebrate and champion those in the heart of our communities. After all, we live in those areas, we love those areas and we care about those who live there. They are quite simply our heroes — and they mean so very much.”