Traditional Media Remains Most Important Source Of Covid-19 News

Traditional media remains the most-used source of news and information about Covid-19, the most recent Ofcom report into media usage during the coronavirus pandemic has found.  

The report found that traditional media – newspapers, radio, broadcasters – was the most important source of news and information for adult internet users.

 The report also shows that more than eight in 10 people (84 per cent) are accessing news about Covid-19 at least once a day.

Social media remains the main source for misinformation being presented as true. When compared with week one (49 per cent), use of social media as a source of information about the pandemic has declined (38 per cent in week twenty-five).

There has also been a decline in sharing news or information about Covid-19 via social media posts, with it being 13 per cent in week 25 compared to 25 per cent in week one.