The Telegraph Launches Media Literacy Programme For Schools

The Telegraph have launched their first media literacy programme to help 16-18-year olds learn about the importance of quality, edited news in democratic society.

Thirty students from London state schools will be participating in an online six-week course, aiming to inspire pupils to develop careers in journalism.

The students, who were selected in conjunction with The Careers Office, a charity aimed at helping young people make decisions about their future, are from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Award-winning editors and journalists from The Telegraph will be running live hour-long sessions showcasing the best of The Telegraph’s quality journalism, ranging from ‘A Day in the Life of a Foreign Correspondent’, to ‘Q&A Sessions with the Women’s Sports Editor’ and ‘Exploring the World of the Telegraph Podcasts and Video’.

The course will also cover tips on how to get a job in the media industry as well as including further opportunities for training. Students will receive a thorough understanding of journalism and a greater insight into the news media industry.

There will also be an opportunity to spend a day at the Telegraph for the student who has shown the most potential and commitment to the course.

Ian MacGregor, editor emeritus at The Telegraph, said: “The Telegraph is investing in the future of journalism and is committed to helping students confidently navigate the media landscape. I am delighted that we are helping to break down the barriers to journalism and inspire the next generation of budding journalists.”