Stoke Titles Launch Campaign Following Toddler’s Battery Death

StokeonTrentLive and The Sentinel have launched the Harper-Lee’s Law campaign following the death of a toddler who swallowed a battery button.

Knowing the child’s mum wanted to bring about some meaningful change in her daughter’s memory, Stoke journalists contacted her and offered to partner with her for a campaign to get the law changed, with the goal of preventing any future child deaths caused by these highly dangerous items present in many seemingly innocuous household items.

Editor Marc Waddington said: “In a very short time we’ve brought thousands of people on board in support of this campaign, not just locally, but across the country. Within a week of launching we are now in a position where one of our MPs has managed to secure a debate on the issue in Parliament.

“I was contacted by the father of a boy who was lucky to survive a very similar accident several years ago, but who, because he didn’t have a big media partner on board, was unable to get the same level of attention brought to the issue.

“He’s from a completely different part of the country, but is now part of our campaign. It shows that in the digital age, the power of media campaigning is more potent than ever, as we can quickly bring together people from all corners of the country around a shared goal.”

To sign the petition for Harper-Lee’s law, visit here