Specialist Bursaries Awarded To Journalism Diversity Fund Recipients

Specialist bursaries have been awarded awarded to six Journalism Diversity Fund recipients, providing a boost to students from diverse backgrounds starting their career in journalism. 

Administered by the NCTJ, the JDF has supported more than 500 students from diverse backgrounds who need help funding their NCTJ journalism training since 2005.

The bursaries can help cover the costs of NCTJ course fees or living expenses. Recipients will also be paired with a working journalist to mentor them throughout their studies.

The recent specialist bursaries include the Claire Prosser bursary, which helps people from all walks of life into broadcast and digital careers, and the Thomas Read bursary, which is presented annually to a JDF recipient with a long-term illness, health issue or disability.

In addition to financial support, recipients will have access to work placements set up through the bursaries.

In addition to the Claire Prosser and Thomas Read awards, four of the recipients have been awarded specialist bursaries through the Aziz Foundation, which came on board as a supporter of the JDF last year.

Click here to find out more about the Journalism Diversity Fund, and the specialist bursaries.