NMA Expresses Deep Concern Over Proposed Changes To College Of Policing Guidance

The News Media Association has expressed deep concern following reports about proposed changes to the College of Policing’s APP (Authorised Professional Practice) on Media Relations which could weaken open justice. 

Of particular concern is the proposal that suspects charged with offences “can be named” by forces instead of the current guidance which states that suspects “should be named, unless there is an exceptional and legitimate policing purpose for not doing so or reporting restrictions apply”.   

NMA chief executive Owen Meredith said: “We are deeply concerned by these proposed changes which would weaken the flow of information from police forces to the general public, undermining the public right to know.

“Professional guidance must create a framework to help and support police officers in achieving a good relationship with the media, rather than erecting new barriers that entrench secrecy. 

“We urge the College of Policing to work with publishers and editors through constructive consultation to establish guidance which enables the public to fully see and understand the important work of our police forces.”