NMA Welcomes Legislation To Empower Digital Markets Unit

The News Media Association has welcomed the publication of the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumer Bill today. The legislation, which aims to boost innovation in business and promote competition in the digital marketplace, will help to curb the dominance of the tech platforms in the news space.

The NMA has campaigned tirelessly for the Bill to be brought forward to Parliament, as news publishers continue to operate in a highly flawed market which has precluded them from receiving fair remuneration for their news content.

NMA chief executive, Owen Meredith, said: “Given First Reading today, the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumer Bill is a hugely welcome step forward towards creating a fairer digital economy, delivering real benefit for consumers during a very challenging period.

“As part of this, the legislation will grant the Digital Markets Unit the teeth it needs to level the playing field between news publishers and the tech platforms, paving the way for a truly sustainable future for local, regional, and national journalism in every corner of the UK. The NMA will consider the detail of the Bill carefully.

“We hope the Bill makes rapid progress through Parliament, with cross party support, so these important measures reach the statute book quickly and can start delivering benefits as soon as possible for consumers and businesses up and down the country.

“It is also absolutely right that the Bill includes provisions to crack down on unscrupulous operators deceiving consumers with malicious subscription traps. We look forward to working with Government to ensure responsible businesses, including news publishers who rely on subscription models to help fund vital journalism, do not face an undue burden or barrier to business.”

The Competition and Markets Authority welcomed the publication of the Bill, tweeting: “We welcome this new draft #legislation, that will enhance our ability to promote #competition and protect consumers, including new powers for our Digital Markets Unit.”