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The Northamptonshire Telegraph

Save Corby Community Centres


The Northamptonshire Telegraph, along with its Corby edition, launched a campaign to save community centre facilities after the North Northamptonshire Council proposed to cut funding.

Telegraph reporter, Kate Cronin, told HoldtheFrontPage: “We have been overwhelmed with the response to this campaign. People in Corby very firmly and vociferously told the NNC executive that they would hold them to account at the ballot box if the cuts went ahead.”

Kate revealed a member of the public had been in touch with the news brand after discovering the proposals buried in a financial report. Kate said: “Cuts like this should be explained to the people they affect in a transparent and democratic manner by the council, but they weren’t, so it was up to us to do so.

“The Northants Telegraph is standing shoulder to shoulder with the people of Corby to run a campaign to help keep these vital centres open. The volunteers have been very clear that, without this core funding, they will have to close.”

Soon after the campaign’s launch, the council announced the proposals would not be taken forward.

“This victory shows that local papers backing their communities is still incredibly important and can make a real difference. This is what we’re here for.”

Kate Cronin, reporter, Northamptonshire Telegraph