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The power of local journalism

Local news media informs the public, holds local authority to account and reports on the stories that matter. This is because local journalists care about, belong to, and participate in the communities they serve.

Local news brands are personal in a way no other media is – they campaign on issues that are close to people’s hearts and push for meaningful change, fostering open democracy and debate.

Local journalists devote hours to attending authority and court meetings to scrutinise, report and expose wrongdoing. They cover local sports, and collaborate with local businesses – all on behalf of their communities.

The sector reaches huge audiences. According to the latest audience data from JICREG Trust Local, 42 million people (77 per cent of GB population aged 15+) now read local news media in print and digital every month.

And, according to a separate survey by Newsworks/OnePoll, 81 per cent of Brits agree that they trust the news and information they see in their local news media – local newspapers and their websites – a rise of seven per cent on 2018.

In Numbers


million people read local news in print and digital every month

JICREG (2022)

In Numbers


of Brits agree that they trust the news and information they see in their local news media

Newsworks/OnePoll (2022)
“I believe the power of highly trusted local media to deliver results is one such opportunity which businesses cannot afford to miss out on. We, the advertising industry, have a critical role to play in driving the return to economic growth. The unique power of local news media to deliver results should be at the forefront of our thinking as we embark on this critically important mission.”
GroupM trading director Craig Smith

In Numbers


Local newspapers boost democratic engagement. For every percentage point growth in a local daily newspaper’s circulation, electoral turnout on its patch goes up by 0.37 percentage points.

Plum Consulting (2020)

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