NMA Election Manifesto

The manifesto highlights five key policy areas that require immediate attention – artificial intelligence and intellectual property, press freedom, a new settlement between commercial news publishers and the BBC, promoting media plurality, and recognising the importance of local media to devolution and local growth.

Editors from The Guardian, The Barnsley Chronicle, The Sun, National World and Manchester Evening News feature in calling for action to safeguard UK news media.

“The proposals put forward in this manifesto are crucial for safeguarding the sustainable future of independent, trusted UK news media. We hope all political parties will commit in their manifestos to support a free and sustainable press, and urge the next government to prioritise these issues and work collaboratively with stakeholders to support media plurality in the UK. A free and sustainable press is essential for upholding democracy and informing the public, and the necessary measures must be taken to ensure its longevity.” - Owen Meredith, NMA chief executive

NMA Manifesto

To find out the NMA's position on various media policies, download our manifesto