BIS Runs Featurelink Campaign

More than 160 local media titles are running ads and editorial for the Business is Great campaign through Featurelink, Local Media Works’ native content service for advertisers.

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills campaign is running in two bursts, one at the start of December and one at the end of the month.

 morley observer

Ads run alongside editorial which explains how SMEs can benefit from government services and resources for small businesses.

The campaign highlights how businesses can grow, with stories from the CEO of Tangle Teezer and the Managing Director of Westons Cider how the government helped them achieve growth overseas.


Featurelink enables advertisers to speak directly to local communities across the UK through advertising and editorial in local media titles.

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The service is widely used by government departments and agencies including the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, Department for Communities and Local Government, Department for Work and Pensions and Public Health England.