DWP Runs Featurelink Campaign

The Department for Work and Pensions is running a Featurelink campaign encouraging people to plan for their retirement.

The ad, and accompanying native content, is running in daily local news brands across the UK over four weeks.

Featurelink is a service for advertisers run by Local Media Works, the local marketing arm of the News Media Association.

It allows advertisers to run ads next to locally focussed native content in daily and weekly local media titles across the UK.

Richard McCarthy, DWP retirement planning campaigns lead said: “Great channel. Works really well for us – gives us the space to get into the detail.”

Featurelink is heavily used by Government departments for public information campaigns, but it is  also used by businesses.

The DWP ad encourages people to go to the website www.yourpension.gov.uk and use the tools there, such as a pension calculator, to help plan for retirement.