LOCALiQ Launches Cross Media Optimisation Technology

LOCALiQ has announced the launch of cross media optimisation, a new proprietary goal-based ad technology solution that automatically optimises clients’ advertising campaigns to increase performance in real time across major digital ad platforms.

Cross media optimisation’s innovative technology is the first of its kind in the UK. It uses data-driven algorithms to adjust digital marketing budgets across the four main digital ad platforms (Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Instagram) to yield the best outcome based on a client’s goals.

Using proprietary tracking, attribution, and optimisation algorithms, the technology shifts marketing budgets across search, social and publishers to maximise every pound spent.

“We’re proud to offer our clients access to cutting-edge marketing technology, and cross media optimisation is another huge step forward,” said LOCALiQ UK managing director Nick Ashwood. “This product is completely new in the digital landscape, and we’re incredibly excited about the results it is generating for our clients in terms of efficiency and performance.”

Cross media optimisation is goal-based, agile, and reactive so business owners and marketing managers no longer need to spend time analysing where they should allocate their marketing budget or comparing goal and conversion metrics across platforms. The technology automatically allocates budget to the platform that generates the best results.

“Over the last twenty months the pandemic has continuously shifted how people consume online media,” said Mr Ashwood. “Cross media optimisation is agile enough to adjust budgets and spend where the results are going to be delivered.”

LOCALiQ is part of Newsquest.