Journalism Matters highlights the vital role trusted news media journalism plays in our democratic society.

By campaigning on behalf of their readers, independent news media can make a real difference to people’s lives and bring about change for the better. Find out more on how to take part.

Making a Difference is a showcase of powerful national, local and regional news media campaigns. Each year, an online vote is held to find the public’s favourite local and national campaigns from the past year.

Facts and figures


national and local news media titles are published in the UK

Source: NMA (2022)


of under 35s agree that a world without journalism would harm democracy

Source: Newsworks (2021)

Just 33% of people think social media is a trustworthy source of news

Source: Ofcom (2021)


Agree that newspapers play a significant role in making campaigns better known and more popular

Source: Newsworks (2021)

Local newspapers boost democratic engagement. For every percentage point growth in a local daily newspaper’s circulation, electoral turnout on its patch goes up by 0.37 percentage points

Source: Plum Consulting 2020


of the GB population (aged 15+) read local news media every month

Source: JICREG 2022

In 2022 only 27% of respondents felt that the technology sector is regulated in a way that protects consumer interests, this is a drop from 31% in 2021.

Source: DCMS Survey 2023

Local and national news brands reach 87% of the GB population (47.2 million people aged 15 or over) every month

Source: PAMCo (2023)

The UK is currently 26th out of 180 countries in the World Press Freedom Index

Source: Reporters Without Borders (2023)

Most Brits (62%) believe journalists are playing a “valuable role” in covering the cost-of-living crisis

Source: Newsworks/OnePoll 2022

News content created by British publishers generates approximately £1 billion in UK revenues for Google and Facebook every year

Source: Professor Matthew Elliott, University of Cambridge/NMA (2022)

81% of Brits agree that they trust the news and information they see in their local news media – a rise of 7% on 2018.

Source: Newsworks/OnePoll 2022


of people agree that news media had explained what they can do in response to the coronavirus pandemic

Source: Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (2020)

Research has shown that trust is 1.5x higher when a brand advertises on a news brand website compared to a non-news brand website

Source: Newsworks/IPA Databank 2023


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