PRP Launches Second Call for Information on IMPRESS Application

The Press Recognition Panel has launched a second public call for information about IMPRESS’ application for recognition.

The first public call for information ran from 5 February until 4 March, after the PRP received IMPRESS’ original application.

The feedback received, including the News Media Association’s submission, was provided to IMPRESS for them to consider and IMPRESS then provided a response and submitted some new and some revised documents.

The PRP said it had reviewed these documents and had determined that they amounted to a significant change to IMPRESS’ original application.

The PRP said that, in line with the its application process, it is giving the public and third parties the “opportunity to read the new information and the revised elements of IMPRESS’s application and send the PRP any information that they are aware of that has not been included but which may be relevant to the recognition assessment.”

This second call for information will last for 20 working days, from 4 May to 2 June.