Industry Services

The NMA offers a range of services to its members covering a broad range of industry issues, from audience measurement to editorial press facilities, newsprint and the environment to newspaper distribution and technical matters.

Royal Rota

The NMA allocates rota passes to cover the several hundred royal engagements undertaken by members of the royal family each year to local, regional and national newspapers in its membership. Under the rota system, they will share all material obtained, with other members of their sector who request it.

Press Cards

The NMA is one of the UK press card authority gatekeepers and issues press cards to journalists, photographers and freelance newsgatherers working for the national or regional press. Press cards are nationally recognised and accepted by the police, and identify the bearer as a working journalist.

Commercial and Marketing

NMA members are eligible to join Newsworks – the marketing body for the UK’s national news publishers – led by chief executive Jo Allan.

Local Database and Audience Measurement

Media planners and buyers rely on highly trusted audience data to make decisions when planning ad campaigns for clients. Local Media Works is at the centre of audience measurement for local and regional newsbrands, compiling and processing a wealth of information from various sources. This is made available to media planners through the LMW Database and JICREG – the audience measurement and planning currency for local newspapers and their websites

Media & Environment

The NMA works to highlight the environmental credentials of its member publishers and their commitment to meeting targets for the recycled content of newsprint in their publications through the work of industry committees such as the Newspaper Industry Materials Committee and its membership of organisations such as Two Sides- a pan European body which promotes responsible production and use of print and paper.  


The NMA at the heart of cross industry collaboration and innovation on critical issues relating to the supply chain and newspaper circulation through committees such as the Circulation Executive.

Independent Publishers Forum

The NMA is the home for independent local news media publishers who engage with industry issues through various NMA committees including the Independent Publishers Forum which is chaired by Baylis Media chief executive and NMA Board member Jeremy Spooner.

Agency Recognition

For any queries about agency recognition, please contact Ilana Said at Newsworks.