NMA Responds to High Court Judgement on Judicial Review

Responding to the High Court’s judgement today on the News Media Association’s case for judicial review of the Press Recognition Panel’s decision to recognise Impress, the NMA said: “We are deeply disappointed by the Court’s decision but maintain that the PRP’s decision to recognise IMPRESS was deeply flawed.

“Today’s decision does not change the position which is that no significant publishers have signed up to IMPRESS and none will do so. The national and regional newspaper and magazine industry already has an effective and robust self-regulatory system in place through IPSO, which 1500 print titles and 1100 websites are signed up to. 

“IMPRESS is a state-sponsored regulator funded almost entirely by one wealthy individual, Max Mosley, and headed by a chief executive who has admitted to holding biases against leading newspapers and journalists.  IMPRESS cannot and never will be a regulator for the UK newspaper industry which remains wholly opposed to Section 40. 

“We will be seeking leave to appeal to the Court of Appeal.”