Publisher’s Right Defended After Scaremongering

A coalition of European publishers –  News Media Europe, European Publishers Council, ENPA and EMMA – hosted a press conference in Brussels today where they debunked the myths that surround the publisher’s right

The press conference, at which ‘EU copyright reform: the truths and myths‘ was published, comes in response to an unprecedented scaremongering campaign, primarily orchestrated by the US tech giants, which has been flooding MEPs’ inboxes, as reported by the FT

Four European Parliamentary committees  – ITRE, IMCO, CULT and JURI – have now scrutinised and approved the proposal for a publisher’s neighbouring right in the EU copyright reform package. 

By backing the measure, they voted for fairness, they voted for jobs, and they voted for consumers to continue to enjoy a free, independent media that underpins our democracy and fuels Europe’s rich, cultural diversity, the coalition said.

At the Plenary on 5 July, all MEPs will be asked to decide whether or not the draft copyright package should go through the ordinary legislative process, as was voted for democratically in the Legal Affairs Committee. 

They will be asked to trust the opinion of their expert colleagues who have scrutinised and approved the publisher’s right over the last two years.  If the mandate is granted, the reform package will be further debated by the trialogue of European Parliament, European Commission and the Council.

Publishers are urged to contact the MEPs in their region as a matter of urgency to express their support for the publisher’s right.