Reach Regional Titles Highlight Climate Crisis Across The UK

Reach plc highlighted the climate crisis emergency by producing special issues across 25 large regional print titles and 37 news regional websites.

 Titles across the UK took part, including The Birmingham Mail, Manchester Evening News, Liverpool Echo, The Chronicle – Newcastle, Bristol Post and the Western Daily Press and trended on Twitter yesterday encouraging people to #Do1thing for the environment. 

All of the titles changed their mastheads to incorporate the campaign logo and splashed on how the crisis has affected their region, as well as local efforts to tackle the problem. It is the first time that Reach, which is the UK’s largest news publisher, has united its regional brands for a common cause. The unified effort was expected to reach 155 million monthly users online and 1 million newspaper readers across the UK.

The campaign’s aim was to provide readers with local stories, expert advice and practical tips to help the environment. Every editor wrote a personal piece about which of the 50 suggested green changes they will be making to help save the planet such as driving less, using a bamboo toothbrush instead of plastic, and eating less meat and dairy.

Toby Chapman, Reach’s assistant editorial director, regionals said: “Our editors agree that we have a responsibility to inform our readers and encourage them to address the climate crisis in their own way. As the leading regional publisher, we are in a strong position to engage and energise our readers to make positive changes to help the environment.” 


The Paisley Daily Express covered a scheme to reduce emissions from council houses by 90 per cent using solar panels, the Manchester Evening News reviewed the city council’s progress tackling the climate emergency and the Hull Daily Mail covered the devastating projection that showed Hull underwater in years to come.

Online readers across the brand will also be able to use bespoke digital tools developed by the Data Journalism team, including a Carbon Footprint Calculator to track their personal impact on the planet and compare it to average figures. Other widgets show readers their closest electric car charging point and the Climate Future tool allows people to see what their area will look like by the time their child has grown up.