NME: DSA And DMA Are Missed Opportunity To Rebalance Online Ecosystem

News Media Europe has spoken of a missed opportunity to rebalance the online ecosystem following the announcement of the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act by the European Commission.

The DSA aims to clarify the responsibilities of digital services while the DMA proposes new market conduct rules for larger online players.

Wout van Wijk, executive director of News Media Europe, commented: “The Commission’s proposals lack teeth and are nowhere far reaching enough to address basic behavioural incentives.

“We need clear-cut prohibitions on the conduct of gatekeepers and a crystal-clear, reinforced liability regime to rein in tech giants. Instead, platforms are now offered carte blanche on liability with a good Samaritan clause and the market investigation tool has disappeared altogether”.

Wout van Wijk added: “It is a missed opportunity that the Commission has not proposed a binding instrument or code to address inherent imbalances in bargaining power with gatekeepers”.

The DSA and DMA will shape the future of the internet for decades to come, NME said in statement, just as the e-Commerce Directive did after its adoption in 2000. It is hoped that these proposals will promote healthy and competitive digital markets.

Wout van Wijk added: “We call on the European Parliament and Member States to support European media. Make no mistake, this is about European cultural, digital and democratic sovereignty.”.

News Media Europe contributed to the European Commission public consultation on the Digital Services Act and the New Competition Tool in September, in collaboration with media associations across Europe including the News Media Association.

The co-legislators will shortly start discussions on the DSA and DMA proposals.