Lockdown Forces Independent Local Title To Suspend Publication

Independent weekly title The Times of Tunbridge Wells has announced that it is to suspend publication because of the drop in advertising revenue caused by the national lockdown in England.   

Writing in the paper this week, editorial director Richard Moore said: “We’re into the New Year and hopefully it will ultimately turn out to be a safer, healthier and more prosperous time for all of us.

“Right now though, the challenges have intensified with the national lockdown and like the majority of other businesses in our town the Times newspaper is having to take some tough decisions in order to secure its long-term future.

“This is a ‘free’ newspaper and, as most of you realise, relies solely on advertising for our cash flow. Much of that comes from the hospitality and events sectors that have been shut down along with most other businesses because of the coronavirus restrictions.

“That’s why we have decided to take a break and suspend publication which means this will be the last paper till at least the end of January.

“We’ll review the situation towards the end of the month and take a decision on when next to hit the button that starts the presses.

“Hopefully that will happen sometime in February or March along with distribution of our sister publication SO magazine. 

“But this does not mean you have to miss out on all the relevant local news stories. You can keep in touch by going to timeslocalnews.co.uk.

“This newspaper and its staff are committed to serving the community that is Tunbridge Wells. We will be back. Meanwhile, follow the rules and stay safe.”